Arendal Chapel

Arendal Chapel and Crematorium

Norway has respect for persons of all faiths - and persons of none.

The Human-Etisk Forbund (Human-Ethical Federation) has done much work in Norwegian Society to encourage Crematoriums, to provide a non-religious or alternative religions settings for funerals. Any religious embellishment may, if possible, be removed or covered.

To this end a commission was given to two long established artists, Ragnhild Monsen and the late Anne Aanerud, to create an artwork suitable for a crematorium 

The artists created a rainbow motif that was powered with electric motors and could be lowered in front of the wall mounted Christian symbolism of the cross thus granting to persons of no religion or alternative religions a dignified and respectful funeral.

arendal kapell
arendal kapell
arendal kapell


you can see the process here

a compassionate and comforting artwork

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