Exam requirements for entrance to university

In England (and some former colonies) young people aged around 16 years old sit the General Certificate of Education examinations at ORDINARY level. If they pass enough subjects they can then go on for a further 2 years studying ADVANCED (A) level and sit A level examinations. Typically they will require 4 or 5 A levels (at A grade) to apply for University education.

The curriculum and subsequent examinations questions are rigorously selected by the matriculation boards/examination authorities.

A level GCE study artist 

Amazing what you discover when you use search engines.It was interesting to find that in the GCE Advanced level examinations in 2007 for art and design that Ragnhild Monsen was one of the artists it was mandatory to study. Along with Mary Quant  and Cristo and Jean-Claude.

Ragnhild Monsen was the only Scandinavian artist that it was required to study.

The image to the left is an extract from the examination assignment document

In June 2007 over 800,000 students took A level examinations

42,490 took A level art and design examination