The exhibition invitation

Oslo Domkirke - Easter exhibition

The main church for the Church of Norway Diocese of Oslo, the Domkirke is the Oslo Cathedral

The Norwegian Royal Family and the Norwegian Government use the Cathedral for public events, for example Coronations,Royal Weddings and Funerals.

Whilst cycling past one day Ragnhild Monsen got the idea to hold an exhibition in the Domkirke. She went in and asked and as a result this exhibition,as far as we know the first art exhibition to be held in the Domkirke Krypt, took place. The Krypt  is used today for lectures and conferences, intimate concerts, exhibitions and the congregation's church coffee.

                                    the view looking backwards with the white wall behind

The end wall was all glass tubes with a powerful floodlight behind casting dazzling light into the room and through all the entrance ways, so the light was visible even when you first entered the installation...

thanks for visiting.

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