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visual CV

giving an idea of her career as shown by major solo exhibitions in many countries and commissions/purchases. artists website

Bergen Music Festival-part 1

The first time a textile artist was chosen for this annual even.Graciously opened by the King and Queen of Norway 

Bergen Music Festival-part 2



the artist shows her normal hand weaving methodology

TV program

The artist was invited to create an installation for a TV program produced by the national TV company

Massive Beach installation

created with the theme of 'harvesting'.The symbolisms represent old methods of farming in Norway and use plastics to show the harvesting of oil from the sea.

Saltdal Norway

The valley of her birthplace.It was a joy to return with a large exhibition and to be received so warmly.

Rydals Museum,

A very special museum and a large solo exhibition


An Academy of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg.

Student/intern visit 

A very talented young French art student,studying in the U.K., applied for an internship with the artist and secretly created a video about her experiences.Margaux has given permission for us to share her video