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For over 40 years Ragnhild Monsen's art has
been exhibited,
commisioned and purchased.

Her work has been described as
(1) and she herself
described as Norway's foremost
textile artist

1. Dagbladet Newspaper 2. Sonja Sjolie,leader of the Norwegian
Parliament's Culture Committee.

You can see her work in Cathedrals,
Churches, Army Camps, Banks,
an Oil Platform, Hospitals, Schools,
Commercial and Business companies.

She is established as being innovative
and creating  strong imagery,having
been called  "a master of her media'
and " a leader in the modernisation
movement of this  traditional
Scandinavian art form
(Gothenburgs Posten,2005).

"These are large, expressive works,
using direct symbolism and
commenting on the human
condition" making
"Ragnhild Monsen
a truly remarkable artist"
Sally Kerr, The Herald, Scotland,1998.

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"I have never met anyone who works with
textile the way she does"
Christina Shearer,curator,Rydals Museum,2014

As well as a tour commissioned by the
Royal Norwegian Foreign Office,where
her works were exhibited amongst other
places at Durham Cathedral, Edinburgh
University, St. Magnus Cathedral Orkney,
she was also the first textile artist to
have the honour of ahe solo exhibition
in the history  (since 1953) of the
Bergen International Festival.

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